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Company Creation Overview

Company creation in United Kingdom


Before starting the incorporation process, you will need:

  1. The Director’s service address: Most business types, like “private limited companies”, will require one director to be appointed. This person must submit their address, which will appear on the public record. It can be located anywhere in the world and any legal document addressed to the director(s) will be sent to this address.

  2. An address in the United Kingdom for the company: Also known as the Registered Address, this address must be in the United Kingdom. It will appear on the public register. Documents that the UK’s registrar of companies (Companies House) and the country’s tax agency (HMRC) are required to send will be postmarked to this address.

By using - establishing a company in the United Kingdom the entrepreneur has the following major advantages:

The invoices issued by the Companies in the United Kingdom (UK) are normally recognized in all EU countries including Greece, Greece can not deny invoices from countries with a very significant difference in taxation (like Bulgaria or Cyprus) are in many cases not recognized as expenses to the Greek customer/company.


Electronic Pricing


Zero insurance contributions


It reduces its business risk as a natural person in Greece


20% flat rate taxation


Abolition of the formalities of the Greek accounting system and bureaucracy


Reduce the cost of accounting for the company


Acquires global business profile and international brand, and registered office in London


The minimum payable share capital required to establish this particular form of business is £ 1 (British Pound).


In addition, the use of EIA companies in the United Kingdom in Greece makes them ideal for:

Provision of any kind of service


Investment Companies - Maritime


Information Technology Company - Advertising Company in the field of services provided


Ownership and exploitation of copyrights/trademarks


Online shops - e-shop


Holding Companies - Tax exemption in England for dividends received from abroad


Tax Contributors


Corporate earnings tax is 20%


There is no dividend tax


Also, a company with a volume of up to £ 83,000 is not required to be registered in the VAT register. (VAT) and therefore does not need to collect VAT from its customers and does not attribute it to the English state. This means that pricing costs for your customers become extremely competitive.


There are 100+ double taxation agreements signed between the United Kingdom and other sites, including Greece


Simple and completely electronic tax management of your company, with clear times and many facilities the Greek Tax System (unfortunately) looks like a Stone Age invention.


At UK Company Online, after years of study, we can take pride in knowing every detail of the English tax system, so we can relieve you of many headaches, helping you virtually every step from start to ... always, answering all your queries.


Being a UK-based company with a clientele from Europe, Asia, and America, we have collaborations with English accounting firms that have decades of experience in accounting for all types of companies.

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